Week 47: Portrait of a stranger (Sharon’s choice)


He got his selfie, I got my shot, then he was gone.


Meet Mike from Berkshire. Mike was out riding the Strawberry Line with his wife, 2 young sons and towing his daughter in the bike trailer. They got chatting to us as they took a short break in Axbridge’s market square. He lived in Perth for 18 months, and his sons proudly told us he is half Guyanese which made them a quarter. They were staying near Cheddar for the half term school holidays and the furthest the boys have ever ridden was 10 miles so they weren’t expecting to do all of the trail today. They were very interested in our travels and the fact we had lived nearby in Cheddar for a year on teacher exchange. Asking a stranger if it’s okay to take their photo and then getting their story was more fun than I expected.


Meet Mike, a volunteer at the Sandford Station Railway Heritage Centre, located in the iconic old station booking office at the heart of the St. Monica Trust Retirement Village, adjacent to the Strawberry Line Rail Trail linking Yatton and Cheddar in the UK.

Mike and his friends Douglas, Chris, Carol and Patrick invited us in to have a look around while they were spending the morning on maintenance of the site. We had ridden out to have a look at the recently renovated Shute Shelve Tunnel and we hit the jackpot when we met these lovely people. They have a great little museum.

Mike reminded me a bit of my grandfather – in looks and in the way he was tinkering about to solve problems in putting a new display together.


This is Nicholas. I thought he was an Icelandic Viking but alas he has another story to tell. He is a Londoner who fell in love with an Icelandic lady and relocated to this lovely little island. He took our picture at the Blue Lagoon so it was only fair that I took his.


This is Graham, and his vintage 1965 caravan. I chatted to Graham at Bordertown SA, where he was on his way back to WA after attending a vintage caravan festival in Wangaratta. He bought the van two and half years ago because it matched his Holden Brougham. Shortly after this, he stumbled across an online vintage van forum, and has been travelling around Australia attending events ever since.

I even got to peek inside…


“Would you mind if I took your photo?”
“Go right ahead.”
“Thank you… that’s great. Can I have your name?”
“Thanks so much Yonni.”
“No, Joni. J. O. N. I.”
“Oh right – Joni.”
“Yes. Can I see the photo?”
“Oh, no, sorry. It’s a film camera.”
“Oh okay!”
“Well, thanks again.”


Next week…

Our week 48 theme is: One object only…