Week 36: In the mirror


Friday night reflections.


While cycling in Vincentia on the weekend I kept seeing great sights in my bike’s mirror – the beach, the bush track, the sky, others out on the walking track, dogs being walked -and then this little beauty! A Naval ship floating in Jervis Bay – how appropriate! I positioned my bike so I could capture the ship fully and there you have it – a ship in the mirror.


In the mirror? For the mirrors on this old beast I would imagine there are thousands of memories, many of which would be spine tingling.


Mirror mirror in the snow, when will you go away so I can grow.


A shoot through the week with the beautiful Anne Duffy gave me the perfect opportunity to see something different in the mirror.


When an emergency hair repair is needed on a 38-degree Melbourne afternoon, any shiny surface will do…

Next week…

Our week 37 theme is: Fruit and veg…