Week 46: Look up (Mel’s choice)


I said I bet those windows are a pane. She didn’t laugh. Are your ears painted on? I asked. Still nothing.


In the Rainforest Biome at the Eden Project in Cornwall, there’s a floating walkway leading to a viewing platform way up high. It has spectacular views of the world below and a very impressive waterfall. This is what you see as you look up from the ground. I love the shapes and the touch of rainforest you can see here, but with the temperature at 41.3C, the walkway was closed to us on this particular day. I had to go and do the longest and fastest zip wire in England, soaring way above the centre, to get my thrills for the day. If you were on the ground looking up you would have seen me flying by.


Out for a promenade along a wide sandy beach below our motel at Newquay and a ‘look up’ presented this amazing sight. It looked so dangerous from down below (a long way below) on the beach. As we continued on our way our eyes were continually drawn back to the ‘look up’ position to check on the safety of the worker; he had an off-sider who occasionally held the ladder for him, but I’m not sure what they were doing would pass muster with Australian Work Health & Safety regulations.


As pretty as the shapes from the barb wire are at HMP Shepton Mallet this is not what I’d want to look up and see everyday.


I thought I should look up photography, just to see that I had the right idea.


Not what you generally expect to see when you look up, but as long as they aren’t moving I guess I’m okay with it…


Next week…

Our week 47 theme is: Sharon’s choice: Stranger (a portrait of) …