Week 17: Geometry


Beneath “The Dish” in Carnarvon WA.


I chose the bike wheel as it’s a snapshot of a point in time, a preview into my day, my week, the last 12 weeks really. I guess the same could be said of all photos. They’re a glimpse into a particular time, a place, a feeling.


Curves, lines, shapes and angles – this photo with its bright and colourful shapes, sits well with me, whether it’s actually geometry or not!


Natural geometry at its best. Sleek and stylish.


All the shapes, all the lines.


According to Wikipedia (that source of all knowledge) geometry is ‘a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space’. Doesn’t help me understand what it means, so I looked further afield – and found a slice of kiwifruit that had points and lines and shape and size and dimensions. Maybe this fruit geometry is the same as mathematical geometry. Perhaps I should ask Grant – but then he’d tell me and I’m sure I’d nod off … and that might be rude. I think I’ll just stick with the kiwifruit.


What came first – the patterns, or our capacity to see, understand, and interpret them?

Next week…

Our week 18 theme is: Letters in the world around us…