Week 42: From the hip


Things you capture laying in the backyard.


I haven’t had much luck with taking any decent shots ‘from the hip’ this week, although I’ve tried hard. From the hip means no setting up or framing of the shot, no looking in the view finder for how it looks or even what you’ve captured. It’s very difficult but also quite liberating. This is about the best of a bad bunch but it kind of appeals to me with its quirky simplicity.


Heading back to the car after a recce of Tumbarumba Hill from the rear. The recently removed pine forest now provides a magnificent backdrop of light in what was once a very dark and broody area. Holding the camera down low provides a different perspective on the view, highlighting the majestic tree which was felled when the path could have been called a vehicle track.

PS. Did you know that Tumba Hill is exactly half the height of Mt Kosciusko?


When there is ice cream involved you’ve not got long to get a shot so I was just clicking away hoping I’d get a good one of him and lo and behold I’m pretty happy with this one. Just as he’s pretty happy with the ice cream.


My attempts at capturing this boy’s little sister were not at all successful, so I was pleased this shot from the hip worked at all!


I enjoyed this week’s theme as it gave me a chance to shoot from a range of different angles and just see what worked out… I liked the “dog’s height” point of view here – the world looks quite different from down there!

Next week…

Our week 43 theme is: Daniel’s choice – Golden Hour…