Week 51: Rewind


This is a redo of the black and white theme. It’s a style I’ve always wanted to do more of and these white lilies provided a great opportunity.


I’m not sure if this is a rewind to the themes of Summer, water, blue or play. We cycled 10kms to the beach at Karrebaeksminde (in Denmark) for a quick dip where I spotted these two elderly ladies using a ladder to enter the water for their (presumably) daily swim. The blue water, the blue sky, the heatwave conditions and the beach made me stop for a moment to remember where I was! Watching these two ladies made me smile and reminded me that we’re never too old to do something we enjoy.


A ‘look up’ at the former Avnø ‘transport’ facility (airfield) revealed the ‘geometry’ and ‘style’ of the staircase ‘frame’ and a flowing and lack of ‘corners’ feel in this ‘from the hip‘ shot. The ‘in the mirror’ feel to the shot highlights a detailed and intricate structure. Avnø is now a Naturcenter, providing a conduit to the ‘natural world’, mainly seals and many species of bird. This photo was taken on a lovely ‘blue‘ ‘Summer‘ afternoon.


Green fields, trickling stream and a solitary white horse grazing all under the watchful eye of the unmistakeable warm golden hues of the summer sun heading off to bed.

Not the sharpest of shots and it’s been cropped as I didn’t have my good camera on me and this was an impromptu find whilst out walking Ozzy but I like the shot so please excuse any poor quality and bask in that golden hour light.


The setting winter sun silhouettes the elderly couple as they wander hand-in-hand towards the winter of their lives.


Lost in concentration. Lego is calling. Play requires focus, planning, imagination, and time; it’s serious business.

Next week…

Our week 52 theme is: Self-portrait #5…