Week 41: Autumn


Autumn in Brisbane means it’s safe to go outside again without fear of heatstroke, it means you can turn the aircon off finally, it means lovely nights on the river like this one.


A different look at autumn with a few of my favourite things – my favourite autumn colours in a favourite scarf taken in one of my favourite places in my favourite season with some of my favourite people visiting. Autumn is awesome.


Autumn in Tumbarumba – a beautiful vista luring us into the mountains as I commenced an early morning walk with friends and family.


Little droplets glistening in the sun, the only sign of the spring shower that just passed over forest.  That or it’s fairy wee.


There are a mountain of leaves littering our backyard – lucky Mum’s here to sweep them up – but autumn says pears to me.


Autumn in the city is a little more subdued, but the basic theme is there…

Next week…

Our week 42 theme is: From the hip …