Week 33: A detail


A chilly Tasmanian morning in the dying days of summer.


A favourite detail of Tumbafest every year is the Duck Race. This little red duck stood out as an extra special detail for me.


A detailed hillside topped by an intriguing sky.


These stalactites on the railings due to baltic conditions in the U.K. would have been great for my water shot last week, but that’s a minor detail.


A happy accident this week. I was trying for a completely different shot and it just wasn’t working for me, even though I tried a range of things, including stuffing books inside to give it some shape. In the end I removed the thing I was trying to get a shot of, and only the books remained. Aha! There’s a detail, I thought, on the spine of those books! And thus my shot was created.


Here’s a detail for you that I discovered when taking this shot: the ‘eyes’ of a lotus pod follow your gaze as you move around the room…

Next week…

Our week 34 theme is: At night…