Week 19: 6:06


6:06, a minute (or two weeks) late…


Just trying to grab back some of the weekend.


Watching a storm roll in over Lake Taupo with just enough time to spell out 6:06 in pumice stones from the thousands lying all over the beach. A fitting reminder that this area is the result of volcanic activity many years ago. The storm was amazing when it eventually hit us a short while later.


This picked itself. (West Quay, Ahuriri, Napier NZ)


When morning has not yet broken in Westacre Close.


Launceston, Tasmania, 6:06am.


A lazy Sunday afternoon. 27 degrees. Maybe everyone decided to stay home, in air-conditioned comfort. Maybe I was the only one who needed a walk after a five-hour drive. Maybe there was something going on the city, and everyone knew about it except for me. Maybe it was this confluence of factors that led me to the top of Glenferrie Road, with a nearly-clear view, right on 6:06. Maybe we’ll never know…

Next week…

Our week 20 theme is: Photographer’s Choice #2.