Hello. We’re Alison, Daniel, Debbie, Grant, MelSharon, and Tim.

We have varying levels of photographic experience, and use a variety of different photo gear:

  • Alison uses Canon and Fuji
  • Daniel uses Nikon
  • Debbie uses Panasonic and her iPhone
  • Grant uses Panasonic (and a GoPro now and then)
  • Mel uses a mixture of iPhone, Canon, and Sony SLR, and is also partial to a Polaroid at times
  • Sharon and Tim use Olympus and Nikon.

Some of us have done formal studies, held exhibitions, or worked as professional photographers (weddings, parties, portraits), while others have developed an interest in photography more recently.

Together, we’re responding, experimenting, and learning more about photography through a weekly challenge.

For a year, we will each post one image every week, responding to a central theme. Some themes are quite concrete; others are more symbolic or abstract.

Feel free to follow along, to see how our work evolves over the year!


30 thoughts on “About”

  1. Awesome. Are you all local to Tassie?
    I’m gonna try and follow along / be inspired to get my own photography passion burning.
    I love the first weeks shots.


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