Week 44: Corners (Deb’s choice)


Starting the day at Cosy Corner. That’s its real name, I didn’t make it up to fit in with the theme.


In this lovely corner of the world, known as Somerset, I found this delightful corner which is part of the Bishop’s Palace in Wells. It’s not something you’d see in downtown Tumbarumba but here, history really is around every corner!


I wonder what’s around these nice corners?

Note the cyclist about to disappear into the next round of corners, a tough climb (looks flat from this angle) that many do for fun, on a road that is basically too narrow for two cars let alone cars, bikes, goats and dog walkers.


This corner is patrolled a very friendly looking scarecrow. She looks more likely to make you a cuppa than scare you away. Bless.


Looking down at all these corners makes me slightly dizzy.


Corners like these make me wish for a motorbike…


Next week…

Our week 45 theme is: 42 (Grant’s choice)…