Week 40: Photographer’s Choice #4


There’s been a vacant riverfront block here for as long as I can remember. It’s in a prime position with great city views and I can’t believe it hasn’t been built on yet. I’m grateful that everyone else can enjoy the view at least, albeit looking through this fence from the footpath.


Looking to the future. When you turn 18 the whole world is in your sights. Not technical at all, I know, but it’s a personal favourite for this week.


Boys and their toys.


Funny how I can go ‘up the back’ of home on the other side of the world.


We climbed a hill to experience the sun setting over the desert. Tim wandered a little higher and as he took in the view I saw my photo for photographer’s choice. The sun’s rays were an added bonus.


Letting go…

(For most of the time I’ve been doing it, photography has been primarily a technical challenge; learning the right techniques that will enable me to realise whatever ideas I have. It’s taken a long time, but I’m finally feeling as though it’s really become second nature. I don’t even need to consciously think about how to resolve most technical questions now – it comes to me from experience and is something like a habit. Studio lighting is the exception to that, but I’m enjoying learning that in fits and starts. So now, I can realise my ideas, but that’s led me to something of a new challenge – actually HAVING ideas in the first place. So this photo is a little special to me, even though it’s so obviously simple. It’s something I thought about and crafted an idea, turning it over and over in my mind until I knew what I wanted to the finest detail. The fact that I lit it with studio lights meant I could still have fun with the technical along the way! I’m still very much making that transition in my mind, from technician to hopefully artist, so this is a small step, but a step nonetheless…)

Next week…

Our week 41 theme is: Autumn/Spring…


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