Week 39: Self-portrait #4


Well this is awkward.


Autumn and I are kindred spirits, and I like to think we’re at one with the world. We share the same autumnal colour palette with the beautiful range of reds, yellows and oranges. We love the transition of the pretty dancing leaves as they flutter silently to the ground, on their way to becoming crunchy leaves just right for stepping on; the softer muted hues of nature and the crispness of the air around us. There’s also a sense of adventure on the horizon with the changes Autumn brings. If I was a season I’d definitely be Autumn.


Had a play with angles and shadows this week, angles win out. Maybe I should have played with a brush instead.


This is how I see myself these days with a shiny large black thing attached to my feet at all times.


It felt so far away – so out in the middle of nowhere. Yet I was able to download the camera app to my phone and work out how to take a self-portrait using the timer in the app. Although not well enough to give me time to put my phone away! This was my limitation rather than the limitation of time and place.


Sharon was busy on a ‘real’ shoot next door, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to have a play with the studio lights. The trigger didn’t always seem to fire, and according to my camera this is the face I make when I’m figuring out why that might be (turns out it was just too dark for my camera to focus, and not the trigger at all – good to know!)…

Next week…

Our week 40 theme is: Photographer’s choice…


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