Week 37: Fruit and vegetables


Unfortunately I haven’t been getting my daily dose of the 5 and 2 this week and veggies have been scarce around the house. I was hoping to visit the market and get a nice shot of all the fresh bright produce but that didn’t eventuate, so with time running out today as I’m out in the garden I look up and see this lovely bunch of bananas. Not just a good source of potassium, they saved me a last minute trip to Woolies.


A Russian riddle – She came from the east in a beautiful red dress and when she undressed they all cried. Can you guess what I am?


Anyone for a peach?
Yes thanks, said Mr Parrot, but I’ll only have a bit from each one and you can have the rest.
PS. they are very tasty.


These aren’t just any old Kiwis; they are M&S Kiwis.


A colour palette of fruit and veg. And then there’s a slice of orange, just to mix it up a little.


Perception is not reality…

Next week…

Our week 38 theme is: A table-top object…


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