Week 35: A chair


I’m not sure how old these chairs are but they’ve been passed down through the family for years. They are the comfiest chairs in our house and as sturdy as the day I got them. They’ve seen three or four coverings that I can remember and I hope they see many more.


Meet Bruce and Colleen and their grandson Mitch. They’ve just been for a Kokoda training walk in the forest at the back of our place and it’s now well after 7pm on an evening in March. This is Bruce’s Yamaha 1100 motorbike and sidecar – did you know that a sidecar is also called a chair? You learn something new everyday. The sidecar is a useful addition to the bike and Colleen assured me it’s very comfortable. I like the fact that she gets to sit in the chair, something a bit like a queen on her throne. One day I might be tempted to go for a ride! I knelt down on the crunchy dry grass and took this photo so that I was at eye level with the sidecar as I wanted it to be my main focus. The dryness of the paddock behind them and the evening light, were just a bonus. Capturing the deep black of the chair was a bit challenging but I think Colleen’s bright coloured top helps to highlight it. Colleen isn’t always keen to have her photo taken but she looks quite chuffed sitting in her chair posing for me here, whereas Mitch is very happy in his position on the bike behind his grandfather. Bruce is just Bruce! So that’s the story of the ‘chair’ for this week. It’s not a conventional chair but that’s what makes it so special. A family sharing fun times together and a very special chair!


A spur of the moment shot – looking around the garage after disposing of a few things at last weekend’s free cleanup, and what’s that stuff in the corner there, oh the old doll’s house furniture – a CHAIR!; that will have to do. Maybe I might need to give it (and the other pieces) a bit of a clean; you never know, they may be useful one day soon.


Rocking chair, muddy boots, outdoor coat, dog walking kit and lurking out of shot a not-so-obedient dog who wouldn’t stay still. I couldn’t be any more country if I tried.


The years of use have taken their toll: the back and arms worn by many backs and arms. The stories this chair could tell!


The literal translation of chaise longue is “long chair”; this particular example was having a lovely morning soaking up the sun in the Great Hall, at the artists’ colony at Montsalvat…

Next week…

Our week 36 theme is: In the mirror…


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