Week 34: At night


On cloudless nights the moon dances an ancient dance with the ocean.


The bright lights of a Tumbarumba backyard at night.


At night we recharge our batteries so we can go and explore the world, as the sun comes up, and tell the world about it.



And then at night the snow fell.


A beach. A sparkler in a jar. At night.

I’m keen to keep pushing the boundaries of my creativity and technical competence through this 52 Week project. I tried this the night before, but it was windy and the sparklers wouldn’t light. I also didn’t have jars, and I’d thought about lighting more than one … so I’m pleased the first attempt didn’t work because it allowed me to think through my idea more carefully. It’s one of the things I really like about this challenge – it forces me to try things I otherwise wouldn’t, and through that I develop in a range of ways.


Ocean time slows at night; waves roll in a gentle lullaby, and the stars swirl and fall, gradually, gracefully…

Next week…

Our week 35 theme is: A chair…


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