Week 27: Frame


This little green setup caught my eye today as I drove past. I backed up and snapped this from the driver’s seat. No arches though sorry.


No need for rose coloured glasses when you’ve got this view in the frame.


What you find when you climb a ladder to check the roof cavity – all retired from the walls for more relevant material. As well as a now rarely used  ‘frame filler’ implement and associated paraphernalia.

When will the current crop of wall adornments be moved on? Which ones will stay? Will any come back out of the roof? When will the ceiling collapse under the weight?

Too many questions!


The beaches are usually framed by bushland in Aus but here in the U.K. this one is framed by a sliver of sunlight and a curved wall. Just as beautiful in my humble opinion.


Frame?? What does that even mean? I think this is a frame – well, it frames the pyramids in the Louvre so I’m guessing it is.


Arches seem to frame many of the little laneways in this part of the city, perhaps owing to the similar arches on the church windows. Echoes everywhere…

Next week…

Our week 28 theme is: Summer (or Winter in the northern hemisphere!)


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