Week 24: Smile


Everyone smiles when they meet Ziggy, even babies. Especially the babies.


This view always makes me smile 🙂  In the last 6 years alone we’ve spent 4 Christmases here in Vincentia, it’s a beautiful place with many great family memories.  (Credit to Ben for the great big smiley face in the sand.)


I’m excited, are you?


Festive jumper, large glass of baileys, what’s not to smile about?


As soon as I picked up my camera, Ronan asked “is it photo update time Grandma?” He pulled the black blind across the window (he’s an old hand at our photo shoots now) and posed for me – with his usual goofy expressions. I took some shots and showed them to him, and challenged him to pose for me with a natural smile. He rose to the challenge! 

When I saw the theme was ‘smile’, I knew I wouldn’t get a better one … so this is it: 10-year-old Ronan and his gorgeous natural smile.


When Mel revealed this week’s theme, Sharon and I were discussing possible interpretations. Sharon remembered a quote, possibly from Thoreau, that someone had written on her blog one time: “The world smiles in flowers”.

Sharon didn’t end up using that interpretation, but it stuck with me, and led to my image for the week. I liked the way the flower seemed to be bursting forth, overflowing with colour and enthusiasm and life.

(For what it’s worth, I have since discovered that the actual quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson, and goes: “The earth laughs in flowers”, but you try laughing without smiling – it’s pretty tricky!)…

Next week…

Our week 25 theme is: festivities/holidays  (it’s Daniel’s choice!).


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