Week 22: Celebrate


This week has been a scramble, lots of things to think about and feel and organise. On Thursday, the government (finally) decided that we’d one day have a legal celebration. People are throwing confetti (or forgetti, as my niece would say) all over the country. It’s a happy time, and we are grabbing onto big wins and little, and anything to celebrate.


Celebrating a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Brisbane down by the river.


How do you celebrate the 5th anniversary of your return, and arrival, to Australia? By jumping for joy of course, at Mannus Lake, complete with buzzing flies, bright sunshine and family.


Found in the garage fridge – can’t remember who gave us this or what for – but it fits the bill this week (both in the tag on the bottle and in the Australian Parliament).


Sometimes we celebrate winning and then other times we celebrate (like today) when games get cancelled. Thanks Mrs Weatherman you’re a gem but maybe chuck in some more snow and tone down the wind. Thank you please.


A happy birthday cake for my sister Debbie who will celebrate her birthday this week.  (It was delicious Deb!!)


An early family Christmas as we will all be in different places on the actual day, so we spent our afternoon filled with joy, giving, laughter, light, and a particularly tenacious digger…

Next week…

Our week 23 theme is: Socks (it’s Grant’s choice!).


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