Week 21: Play


Waiting for people to arrive to our Christmas Craft Beer + Pizza Bonanza (it was meant to be brewery bike ride tour, but Melbourne is supposedly awaiting a deluge), I stacked up these games for a quick photo, and left them there, ready for our pals. They’re playing Jenga right now. I should go and join in.


Everyone was starting to head indoors just as I got to the park because of the approaching storm, thankfully one guy kept playing and I got a few shots of my own.


Visiting Hobbiton was a surreal experience with lots of attention to detail such as these Hobbit clothes hanging on the line. I like to think they’re the play clothes of the Hobbit children who were all hiding on the day we visited. It’s playful details like this that make it a great attraction and immersed you into the location making you forget its a movie set (the fact that I managed to get a shot with no one in the background was also an amazing feat given the crowds there!).


This kookaburra spends a lot of the day surveying the backyard from many different vantage points, waiting for a snake to come out and play. I have also spent a fair amount of time over the years waiting for the rarely seen spectacle of a kookaburra picking up a snake, then dropping it from a great height so that it is stunned, before thrashing it about and making a meal of it.


We work hard, we play hard at Tower House.


Word play…


Nobody wants to play any more…

Next week…

Our week 22 theme is: Celebrate (it’s Deb’s choice!).


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