Week 18: Letters in the environment


Fading fast…


Maybe I should have read that second one up before this 52 week project!


The world needs more Peace, Love and Empathy – great words made up of letters I found while travelling out in the big wide world (in New Zealand to be exact). Peace and love from me to you.


Sometimes the use of letters is very important! (Waihi Railway Station.)


Sadly no letters jumped out to me this week except for this oooooooooh so beautiful red neon O in London town.


My eyes roamed the streets, buildings, roads, gates, rolled up magazines in letter boxes, door handles, signs, labels … but I wasn’t feeling any of it. I saw Os and Ss and Ds, but nothing took my fancy. We trundled along to the Pop Up Globe to see Othello on Saturday afternoon … and there, on the side of the building, was a G. I had my letter in the environment!


For once, ‘O’ marks the spot…

Next week…

Our week 19 theme is: 6:06.


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