Week 16: Blue


Sand dunes, Lancelin, WA.


Sometimes the things you go out searching for are there waiting for you as soon as you walk in the door. Not that I’ve ever gone out seeking old Vogue editions; well, not recently.


Not one, but two BLUE trucks, spotted crossing the Gateway Bridge from the sky above Brisbane. Inspiration can be found in the most unusual places!


Morning tea time.


In a sea of extinct video cassettes the blue label of Titanic shone out like a beacon, taking me back to being 16 with a huge crush on Leo. It’s really kinda sad that not only did Jack die but so did the humble VCR.


A lack of inspiration at the start of the week, and then a confluence of elements in my favour: an old spoon from a second hand store that Aunty Jan had polished for me, palings off the fallen down fence between our place and the vacant block next door, a cloudy day (the clouds making a great diffuser) … and blueberries!


Sometimes it’s all about finding the right contrasts…

Next week…

Our week 17 theme is: Geometry…


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