Week 14: Still life with food


Spring afternoon, returning home from a glorious and laughter-filled weekend away, I whip up a salad and take my serve out to the little white table that Beth repainted to have in our little courtyard. I slice a lemon (from her parents’ home orchard) and pick some mint from our herb garden. I duck back inside to the shelf where my fancy napkins are. And then this.

On the weekend, my housemate elaborately prepared a salmon and cooked it on the fire, served with love to our friends and accompanied by nutritious veggie dishes, glasses of wine, and my new favourite drink, the Caesar. Food can be bountiful, creative, noisily shared, or quiet and still in the courtyard of a busy neighbourhood on a Sunday afternoon when the world around is getting ready to reset for a new week.
I am grateful.


There’s no need to see the menu, just get the savoury waffle with popcorn chicken, fried egg, carrot jam and maple syrup. Trust me.


A special Fijian banana crepe for breakfast – with a side serve of a chocolate heart. We were there for a wedding after all!




When breakfast looks this good you have to photograph it.


Sweet and sour still life.


A minimalist arrangement for a minimalist cuisine…

Next week…

Our week 15 theme is: Spring…


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