Week 13: Self-portrait #2


Sunday afternoon.

I iron far more regularly than I drink to excess, (or drink at all!), but last night we warmed our beautiful little terrace with a lot of new friends and old, and I had a few cheeky Frangelicos, so today is a slooooow day, in my very happy home, surrounded by all my favourite things that make me feel at home wherever I am. My old house is on the market this week. I don’t know! It’s all a combination of adult feelings, moving on and growing up. Cheers!


This is me after a long training session. After 63km of riding and running in the Queensland heat. This is me after getting hit by a magpie. This is me after swallowing and choking on a beetle. Legs burning, heart racing, dehydrated, exhausted, sunburnt, blistered, chaffed. This is me evaluating my life decisions. This is me…


This says it all at this moment in time. A sun lounge, a pool, the family together and some warm sunshine, makes for a happy MOB (Mother of the Bride) on the day before the wedding.


Celebration time – Congratulations Eliza & Shawn.
More good food and music with fantastic people.
A great atmosphere in a beautiful setting.
Bula Bula!!


A tripod, external shutter release, just enough palm trees and a beautiful Fijian sunrise make for a perfect self portrait.


Self-portrait: aka a challenge of representation. This week I had a model shoot in a studio, and so thought I’d make use of the affordances of the studio to take my own self-portrait. Each element is carefully selected to represent something of myself. Look carefully to see what you can learn!


“Some phoenix may rise from these ashes, but the fire comes first” (Ben Abraham, This is on me)…

Next week…

Our week 14 theme is: Still life with food…


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