Week 12: The kitchen


It’s fairly meditative for me; to grab a pile of veggies and chop them up, not knowing exactly what I’m making but trusting my instincts.

My grandfather, Ronnie, he doesn’t have a grave. He doesn’t have a rosebush or a plaque. He has a shed that makes me wheeze now, and feel sad, because I used to be so impressed by the order of everything; everything having a place.

So sometimes I visit him while I’m chopping veggies, no matter where I am. It feels like a place that we both can be at the same time, and no one has to know.


Standing on the outside looking in.


Hanging from the rafters (well almost)!


Friday’s ‘Red Herring’ became an obvious choice.


I said goodbye to this kitchen yesterday. No more cups of teas and chats with friends, no more hob filled with magnets from our adventures, no more staring out the window at the changing seasons and no more getting annoyed when the light bulbs blow as soon as they go in. We said goodbye to this kitchen and this house yesterday after 7.5 years. Thank you dear kitchen for serving us and our bellies well, and might I add you’ve never looked cleaner.


He’s a pot stand but prefers hanging around in the kitchen.


You can tell a lot about a house by what’s in the fridge. Here, you can see that we are rather fond of things that are red, selections from the deli, and keeping things in containers. You can also see that we keep more than just food in the fridge…

Next week…

Our week 13 theme is: Self-portrait #2…


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