Week 11: Black and White


My ride or die.


Not many people have been able to pull off the white sock/black shoe combo since Michael Jackson but I’m glad this lady tried it, and if you squint it kinda looks like she’s moonwalking. Hee-hee.


It seemed almost sacrilegious to take a photo of my magnificent magnolia flowers in black and white, but I must say I was surprised at how much I liked the end result.  Black and white has a certain power; I feel the magnolia’s beauty shines through.


It’s Black and White. (it’s clear)

Not always, but in this case maybe.


Shapes and light are made for black and white. There’s also a few shades of grey in here but not 50, I checked.


If you squint a little it looks like these figures are cut out of the clouds. These were part of the sculpture exhibition at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival.


I’d been on the lookout all week for just the right mix of tone, textures, and lines. All to no avail. But then, bright and early on Friday morning as we busied ourselves in the studio, I paused to look outside, and found them there waiting…

Next week…

Our week 12 theme is: The kitchen…


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