Week 10: Photographer’s Choice


Someone lovely whose photo I have never taken before and would like to take again.


It was the big arrow that got my attention, yelling at me from across the street “THIS WAY… OVER HERE!” I wasn’t sure what it was pointing to. Then as I got closer it lowered its voice as if in secret and said “There’s a photo here somewhere”. I had no reason to distrust my new pointy friend so I lifted the camera and pressed the button.


When I questioned the theme of Photographer’s choice, while being away from home for the week, my sister’s advice was take a photo of something I wouldn’t find at home. So obviously I chose Mt Warning as my model! The iconic cane fields provide a natural frame to this special place.


My partner is puzzling over what to bid next – the bidding so far 1H, 2D, 2H, 2S, 3H, 3NT, Pass.

What does it all mean?

What should she bid?


Probably not the best footwear to be go jumping in puddles with.


Lincoln’s beautiful eyelashes caught my attention one day last week when I was visiting and I was thrilled that I managed to catch him in a rare quiet moment (given that when I asked if I could take his photo he said ‘nope’ and wandered off).


Lately I’ve had cause to be trawling back through my old images. I dusted off the old hard drive, plugged it in, and took a trip back to other times, other places. I fixed on a whole body of work that I did back in 2007, for my first solo exhibition, which was all skies and glorious clouds and calm water. I decided to get back to that style, back to where this all began for me. Luckily, Port Phillip Bay was happy to oblige (although it did take the ship a little while to edge into position)…

Next week…

Our week 11 theme is: black and white…


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