Week 7: Lollies/sweets/candy


Sundays, sisters, and sweets.


Imagine if Lady Liberty was holding a giant neon ice cream like this one. Imagine the smiles she would have garnered from the millions of immigrants fleeing oppression in Europe, exhausted from the long journey, stepping up onto the deck as they sailed into New York Harbour for the first time, the bitter November wind stinging their faces, looking up to see the neoclassical copper beauty, illuminated softserve in hand, welcoming them to their new home. What a welcome that would be.


Manna – this is a ‘sweet treat’ bushtucker style. It is the excretions from the sugar lurp bug, which then turns into a sweet tasting coconut style flake. It’s found on the back of gum leaves and we just scraped it off and ate it straight up.  It is delicious – tastes very sweet and is high in protein, making it the perfect snack.

The word ‘manna’ means snow in the Adnyamathanha language as it resembles a snowflake.  An interesting fun fact – the words ‘manna from heaven’ also appear in the bible.


Nature’s violet crumble as described to me by one of our camping out guides Ubba (Murray), while walking down the Frome River. Ubba is deaf but is able to express himself very confidently with hand movements and his infectious smile. He took great delight in telling me that these rocks would be good to chomp on. (We were near a very spiritual place, I am unsure whether he meant that ancient spirits ate these rocks.)


It’s so good that m likes hanging out with m so much.


My cup (my very big levitating cup) runneth over!


One is simply never too old for lolly teeth…

Next week…

Our week 8 theme is: Old-fashioned/vintage/antique…


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