Week 6: The natural world


Those tracks in the sand belong to me and a group of funny lovelies who shared 17km with me on Saturday.


Roses are red
My car is green
But you can’t tell that
From this photo.


The Adnyamathanha are the rock people, so it’s only fitting that as I’m here in their country, I share a photo of engravings (petroglyphs) dating back 45000+ years. They are a people at one with nature. This lizard is just one example in the natural world ‘art gallery’ in the Red Gorge, hidden away in the Flinders Ranges. Such an amazing place with engravings of animals, tracks, footprints, circles and people, everywhere we looked.


A yellow footed rock wallaby on a rocky outcrop above the Iga Warta Cultural Centre. These wallabies were facing extinction but they are coming back in Adnyamathanha land because they have removed the stock from the land and they are eliminating the feral animals (there are also plenty of kangaroo and emu, but unfortunately lots of goats).


Just in case you need a snack on your walk in the wilderness or in my case a snack on your walk through the hedged lane to the supermarket.


One thing I love about the natural world is the moments of delicacy that catch me by surprise. We lumber around in heavy cars and trains and trams, our footpaths stream with people, our rivers and streams teem with life, our gardens burst with richness and colour … and then, amongst a bunch of native flowers, there’s the quiet and stillness of this delicate beauty.


It’s just a flower. It’s simple. But hidden in that simplicity is a world of complexity; patterns, colours, textures, contrasts. It asks for nothing, and yet offers so much. We just need to look a little more closely, a little more quietly…

Next week…

Our week 7 theme is: Lollies/candy/sweets


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