Week 5: Up close


We returned to Tassie for Owen’s first birthday party this weekend. He was very (VERY) happy to be eating chocolate cake with blue icing and smarties. Happy birthday, my favourite boy.


Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are.


This is what ‘up close’ looks like in a wine cellar at Chateau Tanunda in the Barossa Valley.


Up close with a cephalopod. This fossil, in a spherical ball of black mudstone, comes from the Kali Gandaki drainage, located on the western side of the Annapurna massif in Nepal. These little black balls are for sale everywhere in Pokhara (Nepal), but not all reveal a fossil when cracked open.


Getting up close to Bruce who is over the moon that there are bars between us as he really doesn’t like it when you try and get up close to give him cuddles. Cuddles are for girls, not for Bruces.


On our flight to Tasmania on Friday, I looked out of the window and was struck by how up-close the wing was!


We are squeezed together on the train, up close to the windows, up close to the seats, up close to the walls, up close to each other. The window is the only respite; a view of open space and sky. And then even that view is replaced, up close to another train, more people, and even less personal space…

Next week…

Our week 6 theme is: The natural world…


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