Week 4: Long distance


Until 16 days ago, it was Beth on the end of the phone, keeping up with a long distance relationship (although not too long, just a treacherous body of water between us) and a whole lotta plans.

Now, my best little girl and best little boy and about four or five or six dozen other people who are on the other end of the phone.

Processing the light and the dark.


I wonder how many miles these containers have covered. I wonder what type of cargo they’ve carried. I wonder if the crane operator played much lego or Tetris as a kid. I wonder why there’s an ibis but no bin in sight.


The road to the snow…


The longest distance between any two places on earth is the distance along a great circle that passes through these two points. (A great circle passes through the poles, the equator being the only exception.) Using the mean radius of the earth (6371 kilometres), and taking the earth as a sphere (which it isn’t), the greatest distance between any two points on the earth’s surface is approximately 20015.0867960206… kilometres, or 20015086.7960206… metres, or 2001508679.60206… centimetres or 20015086796.0206… millimetres; which certainly seems a long distance.

Historical note, Eratosthenes (also famous for his prime sieve) completed the first known scientific calculation of the earth’s radius around 240 BC (now known as BCE), estimates of his accuracy range from 0.5% to 17%; due to the uncertainty of which measurement definition he used.


This old blue suitcase has been round the world a time or two. It’s done the longest distances and been loyally by my side since  I ‘borrowed’ it off my sister 16 years ago.


George has traveled a long distance geographically between where he was born in Malta (he’s Maltese-Italian) and the Bourke St mall in Melbourne, Australia where I found him washing a pear in a bubbler. He also admitted to having traveled a long distance on his life’s journey!


Everything seems a long distance from here. It’s enough to make my head spin…

Next week…

Our week 5 theme is: Up close…


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