Week 3: Transport


I stopped on my bike ride (on my wonderful new bike, built just for me), because I was amazed by just how many people are going in each direction. 5pm Friday, Flemington Road, my new hood. I’m not in Kansas (Launceston) anymore!


I took a wrong turn today and fortuitously found this vintage Land Rover.


In honour of my daughters’ love of Harry Potter I couldn’t go past this photo of our most excellent day out on the steam train with Steam Rail Victoria. Arriving dramatically at Southern Cross station in a puff of steam, we were transported back in time for the day.

See what I did there with the word transport??


What’s lurking through the green tunnel?

Transportation to earlier days!


Hot Air balloons always make me think of the film UP and how the balloons transported the house to one hell of an adventure. Still working out how I could do that…


After travelling on a steam train for many hours yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that something cosmic causes bystanders’ arms to raise and sees them waving as the train rumbles past … maybe it’s something to do with the gap (in time perhaps?).


There are four different forms of transport in this shot – can you spot them all?

Next week…

Our week 4 theme is: Long distance…


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