Week 2: Winter


If there’s not a lot of colour and not a lot of warmth outside, sometimes you’ve just gotta make it for yourself.


Winter in Brisbane means crisp mornings and beautiful blue sky days.


Raindrops keep falling….no snow, or frost photos, just rain drops and blue skies.


Winter = July = Le Tour – late nights beside a raging fire watching magnificent scenery and an absorbing contest (particularly in this year’s Tour de Carnage); and taking in the vocabulary  – maillot jaune, echelon, gruppetto, peloton, soigneur, domestique, Lantern Rouge…

The mountain stages are amazing spectacles – the crowds go nuts, the riders are amazing and the scenery breathtaking.


Although it’s actually summer in the UK you would be surprised to know the weather at the moment is colder and wetter than my family have in actual winter in Southern Hemisphere. Winter for me is mainly about football (soccer) season so today I was out in the pouring rain running around getting drenched, laughing and training hard getting ready for our upcoming season pink rain coat and all.


To me, winter is boots. My inside boots and my outside boots. Alison’s aunty made the inside boots (to my exacting specifications – which just meant ‘make them the same as Alison’s’). I wear my outside boots to work every day! Yes, every single day – they’re the comfy-ist boots ever! I’m not a ‘shoe’ person, but I do like my boots. I just need some gumboots now to finish off the set…


Winter in Melbourne is all greyness, mist, icy air, and umbrellas. Umbrellas everywhere! Which is great fun for those of us whose eyes are at roughly the height of your average umbrella point. So, I duck and weave my way to work, dodging raindrops and sharp metal objects, my hands turning blue in the cold, and yet somehow I still mostly prefer it to summer…

Next week…

Our week 3 theme is: Transport.


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