Week 1: Self-portrait


I bought this chair secondhand, right before I moved into this house. It was the first piece of furniture I bought to have here with me. It is comfy and a little worn in the arms. I have spent many an evening in this chair, tucked away in my little office, with a cuppa and my feet up, safe in this little house. This is the house that I made home for myself, for the very first time; a home that wasn’t made home for me, but by me.

This corner of my house was once set up with toys and books for Livvy and Owen. Right now, it’s one of the few corners in the house that isn’t exploding with HEY LOOK, I’M MOVING, and that’s only because I dusted and pushed junk out of the way and moved some pretty things around so that I could take the picture.

Flanked on one side by the beautiful orchids that were gifted to me by my colleagues when I left my school last Friday, and on the other by the equally beautiful fig leaf ficus gifted to me on Valentine’s Day by the girl who would very shortly go on to reveal herself as The Best Ever, matching and complementing AND complimenting all the things that are The Best about me too.

Growth and change and movement and gratitude and excitement and EEEEEE THIS IS CRAZY. An aptly timed self portrait, once again.


Hi, I’m Daniel. This is a photo of me standing against my front wall in Brisbane, 16th July 2017.


This self portrait is a statement. As I only use my phone I didn’t want to just produce a standard ‘selfie’ so I have used an editing app to give it some interest and a pop of colour. I have been reading a lot of Over 50 blogs lately and they all mention wisdom, experience, fashion, style and how not to become invisible as you age. This photo therefore is my take on being over 50, being a bit colourful, a bit trendy and features my trademark Debbie smile. I’m definitely not intending to become invisible as I age. I’m happy with myself just as I am.


This is almost how I look most mornings at the moment, rugged up against the heavy frosts and heading out to do various jobs around the place. This particular morning I have just emerged from crawling around under the house (complete with an unbelievable number of spider webs) looking for Luna (our 20 year old cat), who we now believe has wandered off to a place unknown to rest in peace.


Happy, content and relaxed in the garden. Summer is here!


It’s cold out!


This is the face that I choose for today…


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